Real Estate in emerging as a new business trend. Individuals with little more monetary assets invest in property. The basic fact behind this is that this industry is more regularized now. Chances of scam and risks is minimized to maximum extent.

In this blog, we will discuss the most common ways to invest in property market. These methods are applicable to whole Pakistan and in particular Rawalpindi and Islamabad as well.

Investment in Files

File is a legal document that is issued before the exact development of the society. In other words, it is basically a proof about your future plots prior to allocation or possession as such. Investment in plots is preferred by long-term investors.

It is one of the common form of investment. You can buy files with very little money. However, timing in this type of investment matters a lot. Once bought file associated with a plot, its price hikes up in days.

Investment in plot for resale

It is another form of investment. In this method, individual buy a plot comparatively less popular and less developed area. Then, the investor will hold on to it until the price go ups.

The price hikes of that plot due to certain areas including

  • Project Development
  • Major venture in surrounding
  • Government interest

Thus, in this scenario, the investors sold the plot with big profits. It is one of the biggest lucrative investment. However, it is good for long term investment as you may have to hold on to plot for longer periods than expected.

Investment in property for rent out

One of the common form of investment is buying a property for renting out. You may buy apartment, shop or house. Renting out property gives you a source of Passive Income. Moreover, rental income is continuous flow of money.

Investment in open land

It is risky and needs more assets. Individuals buy a piece of land in very large size. This land is undeveloped. Also, it is a long term investment.

The land is bought with a goal that developers of the societies will buy at much higher value. It takes time. Moreover, it offers high capital gains and much profit.

So these are some of the basic real estate investment methods. Get to know more Why to invest in Real Estate in 2020. Keep reading Land Guider blogs to know more about the happening of Real estate Market.

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