Nova City Peshawar


Nova City Peshawar is one of the most famous and trending Project of Peshawar City. Nova City Peshawar is developed by the same developers and owners as Nova City Islamabad. Moreover, Nova City Peshawar was developed after the appreciation received from the investors of Nova City Islamabad. Nova City Peshawar is already catching the attraction of both Pakistani living inside and outside of Pakistan. Additionally, Nova City Peshawar is a very affordable investment society. People from any kind of socio-economic status can invest in this society.

In addition, one of the main goal of the developers is to provide the most luxurious yet affordable living for people. There are many factors which are contributing a lot to attract investors in buying real estate. Additionally, these factors include prime location, word class facilities and amenities, State of the art infrastructure and affordability etc. These exquisite factors are making Nova City Peshawar a priority for investors.

Nova City Peshawar Balloting Results

The much awaited balloting results for Nova City Peshawar were finally announced on 23rd of March, 2022. Plot holders at Nova City Peshawar were eagerly waiting on the details and the particulars of their property investments for some time, but the Nova City management have been quick to accommodate their investors in a short period of time.

Nova City Peshawar Owners and Developers

The owners and developers of Nova City Peshawar are very famous in the real estate world. Nova developers are not only involved in national but international real estate projects. Moreover, the teams Nova group has are highly qualified and skilled in real estate. Nova developers are involved with multiple very big projects of Pakistan. Additionally, these projects include Nova City Islamabad and Nova One.

Moreover, Nova City Peshawar was launched in the end of January 2022. The aim of Nova developers is to develop the modern infrastructure with luxuries for people. It received very appreciating and excellent feedback from the real estate community. Additionally, Nova developers are also involved with the development of Nova schools. These schools are one of a kind and will be included in investment societies.

Nova City Peshawar Location

Nova City Peshawar has an edge over the other investment societies in Peshawar. Additionally, that factor which is making Nova city a priority for the investor is its location. Nova City Peshawar is present adjacent to renowned Charsadda interchange. In fact, this interchange connects nova city Peshawar to multiple other cities. Moreover, Nova city Peshawar is also present near M-1 Motorway. This motorway makes Nova City Peshawar much more feasible and assessable. Furthermore, the accessibility and feasibility of Nova City Peshawar makes it more attractive for investors.

Accessibility Points

Following are the accessibility points for Nova City Peshawar. Moreover, these made the access of other cities from Nova City Peshawar much easier:


Nova City Peshawar NOC:

Nova city Peshawar is a legal society with a valid NOC from the concerned authorities. The Nova developers made the NOC of Nova City Peshawar a priority. Additionally, they knew how much important it is for the investors that an investment society should have a NOC. Therefore, they worked day and night to gain the NOC of Nova City Peshawar. They met all the requirements before time to get the NOC. This ensures the investors that their investment is safe with Nova City Peshawar.

Nova City Peshawar Master Plan

The main aim and goal of Nova City Peshawar is to provide people with the most amazing luxuries and state of the art infrastructure. Moreover, Nova City Peshawar developers want to provide people their dream houses in very affordable prices. The master plan of Nova City is developed and owned by the most experienced people in real estate. The design and development of Nova City Peshawar is provided by World renowned Architectures, engineers and developers. The infrastructure is based on the modern and international and national structure. Firstly, the aim of Nova City Peshawar is to be consistent with national and international standards of infrastructure and society. Secondly, Nova City Peshawar aims to provide the best for its resident. Additionally, they wants to provide its residents with state of the art level of comfort and standards of living. The main purpose is to provide and maintain standards. However, the standards will not only according to Pakistan but also according to the world class infrastructure.


In addition, Nova City Peshawar’s vision is to maintain a stability between multiple factor. These factors include affordability, reliability, luxury, Comfort and sustainability. Furthermore, the main aim of Nova developers is to provide people with security and safety. Moreover, the reason is that investors can invest in it without any hesitation. This is the main reason the developers firstly acquired the NOC. Additionally, Nova Society Peshawar is a legal society with long term residential goals.

Moreover, Nova City Peshawar is in its newly developing phase so the information for the residential plots is available only. In addition, Master plan of Nova City Peshawar also includes construction of recreational Parks and multiple five star hotels to boost the investment interest.

Sizes of Nova City Peshawar Plots

The sizes of Commercial plots are 4 and 8 Marla. The sizes of the available residential plots are:

  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 14 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanals

Payment Plan

The main aim of Nova City Peshawar is to provide the most luxurious and affordable rates for its investors. Moreover, Nova City payment plan is very affordable and attractive for its investor. These factors are very suitable for the people of KPK. Additionally, the main purpose is to provide people of Peshawar with the most amazing investment opportunity. Nova City Peshawar is in its developing phase so only payment plan of residential plots is available.

Facilities and Amenities

Nova City Peshawar’s goal is to provide people with most amazing facilities and amenities. This is one of the reason of attraction to the investors. Moreover, Nova City is a gated society with utmost luxuries and contemporary facilities. Some of Nova’s City Peshawar features are:

Sustainable development​

One of the most important focus of Nova City Peshawar is sustainable development. The developers want to provide people with a world class ecofriendly environment. Furthermore, Sustainability and taking care of the environment is very important in this era of economic havoc.
Water and electricity is one of the basic need. However, it is a very big concern people are having in this time. Moreover, it is very important that uninterrupted water, gas and electricity are provided to people. Nova City Peshawar promises its owner and residents that they will get these necessities.
Health Care is very important for every society. Furthermore, Nova City Peshawar promises that its residents will receive the best health care services in the world. Additionally, Nova City Peshawar is present only 15 minutes away from DHQ hospital.


Education is an essential of a society. In fact, Nova City Peshawar make sure that all the residents will have access to high quality educational institutes.

Safe Community

Nova City Peshawar is a gated and secure community with state of the art surveillance system. Additionally, Security is one of the main focus of Nova City Peshawar. Nobody will feel insecure in Nova City Peshawar.

Special Commercial area​

One of the best features of Nova city Peshawar is the special commercial area. Moreover, every sector will be incorporated with a special commercial area. These area will include all the markets with all the brands which are needed. Additionally, these will include all the national and international products.


Nova City believes that people should have an easy access to Mosques. Moreover, people can practice their religion and that is why there are multiple mosques present in the society.4

Recreational activities​

Nova City has a lot of recreational activities. These include Parks, Zoos and Play grounds. Additionally, Nova City wants to provide people with healthy lifestyle. To achieve this purpose this society is designed with multiple recreational activities.

Nova City Peshawar Salient Features

nova city peshawar salient-features

Why to invest in Nova City Peshawar?

There are multiple reasons to invest in Nova City Peshawar. In fact, since the launch of Nova City Peshawar investors are very attracted in investing. Nova City Peshawar is present at a very peaceful and accessible location. Additionally, this is one of the reasons Nova City Peshawar is priority of the investors. Moreover, the design and infrastructure is developed by very skilled and international educated team from Nova developers.

In addition, the main purpose of Nova City Peshawar is to provide the investors with the safest investment. People who are investing in Nova City Peshawar will get the best return on investment. Furthermore, its infrastructure and quality of material used is also attracting the property investors. The special overseas blocks completes and caters the need of Pakistani living outside of Pakistan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nova City Peshawar and why to choose it?

Nova City Peshawar is another famous project of Nova developers. It is one of the most trending housing society in Peshawar. In addition, developers of Nova City Peshawar purpose is to provide its people with perfect investment and housing opportunities. The main goal is to provide people with an affordable yet luxurious society.

Is Nova City approved by concerned authorities and have a NOC?

Nova City Peshawar is a legal society with a NOC from the concerned authority. Developers of Nova City Peshawar worked day and night to acquire the NOC very early.

Is Nova City Peshawar an affordable housing society?

Nova City Peshawar is one of the most affordable investment society with multiple luxuries and facilities. Moreover, it has an easy installment plan which makes it more attractive for people who wants to buy residential or commercial plots.

Where is Nova City Peshawar located?

Nova City Peshawar is present adjacent to M-1 and near to Charsadda interchange. It is located close to Peshawar and Charsadda City.

Who is Nova City Peshawar developer?

Nova City Peshawar is developed by Nova developers who also developed Nova City Islamabad and Nova One. Moreover, they are renowned developers nationally and internationally.

Is Nova City Peshawar a beneficial investment society?

Nova City Peshawar has a flexible and affordable payment plans. Therefore, it leads to most chances of investment and high yield investment returns.


In Conclusion, Nova City Peshawar is a project of Nova developers. Nova City Peshawar is located adjacent to motorway M-1 which links it to Peshawar and Charsadda. Moreover, it is also present close to Charsadda interchange which makes it more attractive to investors. Nova City Peshawar is a very popular and invested project among the property investors of Pakistan. Additionally, the main focus of Nova City Peshawar is to provide affordable yet residential and Commercial Plots to people with sustainability. Finally, Landguider provides the investors with the modern and most new technological facilities and amenities. These are the reasons which makes Nova City Peshawar more attractive for the investors.

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