New Metro City Gujar Khan


Investors can profit from Gujar Khan’s fast development as a major housing scheme. “New Metro City Gujar Khan” is the start of a great project, which is under development of BSM Developers. Budget-friendly pricing are offered for all of the project’s latest comforts and features. A major amount of the site has been reserved for the establishment of grassland, public areas, including children playgrounds.

Owners & Developers

Bilal Bashir Malik, the owner of New Metro City Gujar Khan and CEO of the company, is a well-known in the world of business. The development of this project is being handled by BSM Developers, as well as BSM has a significant amount of expertise working in the real estate market. The developer intends to construct an infrastructure in New Metro City that is of world-class caliber, and they will do it with the assistance of its experienced staff. In addition to this, the corporation is known for developing properties of an international standard in the major cities of Pakistan.

NOC Details

The NOC (No Objection Certificate) is a vital legal document that is absolutely required for investors to be able to plainly understand that the housing society is operating within the bounds of the law. In the near future, the Tehsil Municipal Authority (TMA) will give its approval to the NOC for the New Metro City Gujar Khan. The builders have already handed in all of the required documentation in order to officially register the housing society as a legal entity.

Location of New Metro City Gujar Khan

The site of any housing scheme is of the utmost importance and plays a significant role. Because of that, the location of this project inside the city has been carefully chosen to ensure it is in the most enviable and advantageous position. This housing society is on the GT Road, which is a convenient location that is close to Islamabad. Although the primary entry to the New Metro City Gujar Khan may found immediately on GT Road, there are a large number of secondary entrances that can be accessed from a variety of roadways.

Because it is so well connected to the major thoroughfares that serve the area around the twin cities, New Metro City Gujar Khan is quite simple to navigate. This community is an excellent location for both living and making financial investments. All of the essential conveniences and places of business are conveniently located close by as a direct result of the great connections and accessibility offered in this location. Anyone looking for a comfortable way of life in the vicinity of Islamabad might consider this wonderful investment opportunity. This housing society distinguishes out from others due to the favorable combination of its central location and affordable rent.

Advantage To The Investors In Accordance with Location:

Investors in real estate would value New Metro City Gujar Khan location since it is strategically advantageous. The pre-launch pricing are affordable; but it is anticipated that they will more than double during the next three years. The overarching design of this undertaking takes into consideration all of the fundamental aspects that constitute a magnificent home. In addition, New Metro City has a plethora of first-rate educational institutions as well as medical facilities, making it an ideal location to set up residence.


Master Plan

The New Metro City Gujar Khan Housing Society master project plan is established in an appropriate fashion by working with a group of specialists, including architects as well as civil engineers. This allowed for the plan to be developed in an efficient way. In order for Gujar Khan to differentiate itself from other housing societies, a significant amount of focus is being placed on the expansion of international infrastructure.
People who are searching for a new location to call home or who want to invest their money to make a profit have numerous alternatives available to them via the New Metro City Housing Scheme, including the following:

Putting Forward a Refreshed Housing Initiative for the City Regarding the following kind of commercial plots, New Metro City Gujar Khan is offering them:

Availability of Amenities & Services

There are following amenities as well as services available in New Metro City Gujar Khan;

Trusted Developers:

The real estate company BSM has established a well-deserved reputation as one of the best in the business. Mr. Bilal Malik, the grandson of Mr. Malik Riaz, serves as CEO of BSM, and the company is in the process of launching a new project that will be known as New Metro City Gujar Khan. In the past, they have had a great deal of success. A few instances of their previous achievements are Bilal Steel Mills, Gwadar Golf City, and New Metro City Kharian. These are only a few of their accomplishments. They have the experience as well as the talents necessary to make this new endeavor a success. You don't have to be concerned about the reliability and high standard of the job since the people who are developing New Metro City Gujar Khan have your best interests at heart.

Mainly Location:

This new housing society has a convenient location thanks to its GT Road route. Rawalpindi and Islamabad can both be easily reachable from its location. As a direct consequence of this, people living in both cities will have convenient access to it. In addition, the railway line that runs between Islamabad and Rawalpindi can be accessed from the location in a couple of minutes. It is predicted that potential investors would show a great deal of interest in New Metro City Gujar Khan due to the fact that it is situated in an excellent position and is simple to get.

Prices at their Lowest:

BSM's objective is to complete this project at the lowest cost that is practically possible. As a result of this, everyone is free to take advantage of the opportunity to make an investment in this endeavor. Now is the ideal time to purchase property in Gujar Khan's New Metro City before real estate prices rise steeply.


The designers of New Metro City Gujar Khan are exerting all of their efforts to ensure the success of this endeavor. They provide all the amenities that are necessary for a modern metropolitan. There are many different kinds of amenities accessible, including a shopping mall, educational institutions, entertainment parks, hospitals, and more. Given all of these features, it's not hard to see why New Metro City Gujar Khan is such a promising option for financial investments.

Exponential Growth:

New Metro City Gujar Khan's building phase is well under way and the pace of work is ramping up significantly. This will have an effect on upcoming prices in the future. As a consequence of a number of important alterations that are going to take place in the future, the property prices in this development are going to go be upward. As a consequence of this, the present moment is the optimal time to invest money into this Society in order to fast achieve significant gains.

Payments that are prearranged:

BSM is exerting all of its efforts to be of assistance to purchasers. The organization offers its customers a variety of convenient payment choices, which the customers are free to take advantage of. If it is more convenient for you to pay for purchases in manageable installments, that option is available.


The New Metro City Gujar Khan is an excellent beginning point to make life easier for the people of Gujar Khan. On the other hand, purchasing a property in New Metro City Gujar Khan is a smart financial move thanks to the aforementioned advantages and the openness with which the development is being carried out. The location of the community, which is one of its greatest benefits since it is the place in Gujar Khan that is easiest and quickest for folks to visit, is another one of its major advantages.

On the other hand, this housing society provides its residents with a wide variety of features and amenities, such as a continuous supply of water and gas, as well as electricity, which is a fundamental need for each and every tenant. Investing in New Metro City Gujar Khan for the purpose of residential use or for the purpose of generating profits will both be excellent possibilities. Whether or not you choose to pursue one of these goals is totally up to you.As you know that No Objection Certificate holds a lot of value when it comes to the real estate investment. NOC of New Metro City Kharian is in hand of the developers, which was approved by TMA (Tehsil Municipal Authority). Therefore, you do not need to worry about where you are going to invest.

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