Nova One


Nova One Lahore is a dream project of Nova developers. Nova developers have successfully launched two projects before. These projects received a lot of appreciation by the property investors of Pakistan. Additionally, Nova City Islamabad and Peshawar have received tremendous support from the property investors of Pakistan. Moreover, Nova developers know how to entertain people and provide them with the best investment opportunities. Nova is a very attractive and worthy opportunity.

Nova is going to be Pakistan’s tallest building. Additionally, Nova’s height will be 750 feet. A total of 18 Kanal land has been reserved by Nova developers. It is an international standard project with all the modern facilities and amenities. Moreover, Nova is designed and developed in an innovative way. State-of-the-art technology and a developing plan are getting used for the project. This is one of a kind of project which is incorporated innovation and modern design.

Nova One Developers

Nova developers are known for their contemporary and state of the art design and development. They have already launched Nova City Islamabad and Nova City Peshawar. However, Nova is also an investment opportunity but in the form of different investment opportunities. These opportunities will include both residential and commercial choices under one roof. Furthermore, the design of Nova is based on the Italian style of building.

The main aim of Nova developers is to provide people with brilliant and innovative opportunities in Lahore. Moreover, Nova developers have made it in the most modern way which is become an asset. Additionally, Professionalism, sustainability, and care for the investors are only few of Nova Developers’ well-known qualities.

No Objection Certificate (NOC)

One of the most important aspect of any invest opportunity is its NOC. Therefore, Nova developers made sure that they get the NOC first. That’s why, Nova developers worked day and night and acquired the NOC from concerned authorities. In fact, an NOC makes an investment much more legal and attractive opportunity.

The goal of Nova developers are always trying to make an effort to provide the best and most reliable investment opportunities. In addition, specifically for this purpose Nova developers have acquired the NOC for all the projects. The NOC of Nova City Islamabad and Nova City Peshawar has been acquired as well as the NOC of Nova One Lahore. Moreover, this is one of the reasons which makes it a more excellent investment.

Location of Nova One

Location is one of the important factor when it comes to any real estate property. Therefore, Nova is present in the heart of Lahore. This project is located in the most central location of Lahore. Moreover, it is close to Kalma Chowk, Ferozpur Road, Main Boulevard Gulberg, Lahore. However, it will have very reachable connections to the important areas including Fortress stadium, International Airport, MM Alam Road, Liberty Market, Saddar Town, and multiple other.

Additionally, the developers has selected the most iconic and sought-after location of Lahore. Nova developers want to make a combination of both International and ethnic friendly project. Moreover, it is located in the very prime location of Lahore. This makes the old and new Lahore both assessable. This is one of the most attractive feature for the investors. Furthermore, Most of the city’s major landmarks are present on near distance to International Airport and the MM Alam Road.

Nova One is a project for all people and their excellent return on investment. Additionally, it is present near every necessity of life. Nova developer ensured that every need and luxury of investors is fulfilled. Moreover, these include medical facilities, retail establishments, and educational institutions and other things all under one roof. Furthermore, those who want to invest in Nova  may look forward to a luxurious and worth living lifestyle. The goal of Nova developers is to provide the investors by all the modern and advance comforts they can have. This opportunity is already in high demand among investors and purchasers because of its commercial and favorable surroundings. Moreover, due to increase in the market value of this Nova location the prices rises daily that increases the benefit for investors daily.


Nova One Payment Plan

Nova one has a very easy and feasible payment plan. Additionally, there are multiple methods which one can choose according to the nature of their choice. These included residential opportunity and other businesses. The payment plan is available on the monthly installments. Moreover, total payment as well as the total payment and other details are available below. That is the best opportunity to give your family and yourself a lavish and most comfortable lifestyle and all the facilities.

Therefore, this is the best opportunity to book and buy a residential plot in Nova One of the reasons which make Nova very attractive to investors is its economical prices. One of the main reason is because it’s only starting from 2,600,000 booking. Additionally, the payment plan of Nova is as below:

Facilities and Amenities

This purpose of Nova project is to make people’s investment excellent and best than one has ever imagined. Additionally, Nova project is planned and developed regarding the most contemporary architectural & technological principles. In fact, the arrival of Nova to Lahore’s real estate market is revolutionary. It is one of the most appreciated development. Moreover, the reason of Nova’s popularity and appreciation is due to multiple factors. The factors include groundbreaking design, extraordinary interior, cutting-edge architecture, and primary location.

Following are the features and facilities which will be present in Nova One Lahore are:

  • Italian Architecture
  • Contemporary Interior
  • Exquisitely designed rooms and outdoor areas
  • Earth-friendly, quick-to-resilient construction
  • Luxurious resorts and gastronomic getaways
  • Security that is always on the guard for threats
  • High-End Apartments & Suites
  • Gourmet Kitchens and Dining Rooms
  • Elegant Layouts for Your Home
  • Well-equipped Gym
  • Recreational activities
  • Facilities for leisure and fun
  • Innovative Elevators & Lifts
  • Amazing Glance of 40-60 story skyscraper
  • Proper wiring system
  • High Speed Internet
  • Underground Sewerage System

Nova One Specifications

Nova City is developed and designed on a contemporary basis. The features present in Nova are based on Italian buildings and infrastructure. Moreover, Nova is expected to be the tallest and most iconic project of Pakistan. Nova wants to meet all the demands of investors. Additionally, they want to meet the residential needs of people but it is also making a standard of real estate.

In addition, Nova developers have developed a very modern structure. The structure will include floors, interiors, and exteriors according to international standards. Moreover, all parts are so well-organized that most people feel automatically attracted towards Nova . All of the building’s interior and specifications are inviting and attract everyone to be a part of this state of the art project. Additionally, Nova will gain multiple time more value in the future.

A set of professional and international qualified architects have designed the interior and exterior plans of Nova . Firstly, modern infrastructure is not the only factor of Nova. Secondly, the affordable and luxurious living standard is also one of the attracting factor for the investors. Finally, some of the specific and most attractive features of Nova are:

  • Reinforced building frame of concrete with best concrete floors, slabs, concrete columns, and piled foundations
  • Earth-quick proof and very high-quality material
  • High performance and reliable roofing system
  • Innovative interior designing regarding to the global standards
  • Furnished ceiling with smoke or heat detectors
  • Temperature control and sustainability factor

Why to invest in Nova One?

There are multiple and extraordinary reasons to invest in Nova . Firstly, it will be the tallest building of Pakistan with unlimited facilities and amenities. Secondly, Nova is another project of Nova developers who have proved again and again their genuine intentions. Therefore, people are getting very attracted to Nova. Nova is developed in an international style which gives it an edge from other investments.

In addition, Nova is suitable and reliable for every kind of investment. These investments include commercial, recreational, and residential options. Additionally, Nova is situated at a very prime location in Lahore. This will be central to all the other locations such as landmarks, airports and shopping areas.


In Conclusion, Nova developers have yet again proved that they are the leading real estate developers in Pakistan. Due to their modern and Innovative development plans projects of Nova group are high in demand. This project is one of a kind in nature because of being the tallest building in Pakistan. Therefore, since the launch of Nova One Lahore high appreciation and investment has been observed.

In addition, the contemporary and state-of-the-art architecture is one of the reasons which attracts most of the investors. Moreover, the NOC is one of the other factors which proved that this is a very authentic and beneficial project. Finally, Nova One is not only a business investment development, In fact, but it is also more of a residential project too which is a different approach to real estate business in Pakistan.

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