Countryside Farms

Introduction to countryside farms

The dream of every city resident is to possess a home among the beautiful tranquillity of nature. Imagine waking up in the serenity of your farmhouse, which has floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking extensive green grounds—having breakfast on your patio while inhaling the fresh, tranquil air. Countryside Farms is a little version of paradise on Earth that you may call home.

What is Countryside Farmhouses Concept?

Farmhouses are often simple homes built on the agricultural property for the safety of the land’s owners and farmers. The term “farmhouse” is more indicative of a lifestyle than of a predetermined set of architectural traits. Perhaps that’s why it’s still so popular after all these years. It represents the peaceful rural lifestyle while still being the center of activity, which connects it to the production process. Depending upon the type of farm, it allows the residents to become quite self-sufficient.

Why Buy farmhouses?

Buying a farmhouse is a great way to invest in real estate because of its high growth potential. Since land is a valuable asset, its owner may always liquidate some of it to meet short-term financial needs. Further, such possessions allow owners to monitor their investments and cash out at reasonable times, increasing their potential returns. Not only do urban residents utilize their farmhouses as vacation homes for their extended families, but others rent them out for weddings, business events, and other commercial activities.

Owners & Developers

Countryside Farms is the result of a joint effort by three of the world’s most prestigious property builders. Companies including SIM Premier Development Private Limited, ZeeDes Designs and Zee Brothers Private Limited all have impressive work collections that illustrate their expertise. Furthermore, by combining their skills, they are able to create a project that satisfies or exceeds all applicable international standards. The trustworthy builders also promise to make your ideal home a reality.

SIM Premier Development Private Limited

The name “SIM Premier Development” is synonymous with excellence and reliability in the real estate industry. The company’s exceptional offerings and stellar results set it apart from the competitive marketing landscape. Their goal is to take the marketing world by storm and bring it up to speed with today’s technological advancements.

Zee Brothers Private Limited

Zee Brothers Private Limited is an Islamabad-based private construction firm. Founded in 2007 in the statehouse, the firm has now expanded to other major cities throughout Pakistan via the opening of branch offices. In addition, Zee Limited is committed to providing infrastructure development and high-quality, precision-built structures. Over the last 15 years, the organization has provided consistently high-quality service. The initiatives are made available, not only to locals residing in Pakistan but also to Pakistanis living in other countries.

ZeeDes Designs

ZeeDes Designs is another privately held firm that offers cutting-edge design and construction according to global benchmarks for excellence in design and construction. That’s why they’re always looking for new ways to improve their processes. As well as the organization has a highly skilled and experienced staff of designers and other specialists. Nevertheless, their distinctive and imaginative designs provide inhabitants with an unparalleled standard of life. The firm is known for its ability to add aesthetic value to construction projects.

Location of Countryside Farms

Countryside Farms is well situated, neither too near nor too far away, with easy access merely a kilometre from the first Ring Road intersection and precisely located on Bassali Road. In contrast, GT Road is just 7-8 km away. People tend to overestimate location relevance when looking to buy real estate. The investment’s potential for return is directly proportional to its location. Location is primarily responsible for generating the urge to make a purchase, which leads to an increase in price due to increased demand.

Another reference of the location; the exact location of Countryside Farms is along Bassali Road, adjacent to Rawalpindi’s primary Chakbeli Road. Chakbeli Road is about 7 kilometres away from Countryside Farms while approaching from the Rawat side. The entrance to Countryside Farms is easily accessible through Bassali Road after taking a sharp turn to the left from Harraka Bus Stop. In addition, the community is situated in a prime location; therefore, it’s convenient to go there from a variety of points throughout Rawalpindi and Islamabad.


Countryside Farmhouse Islamabad is conveniently located near the following city landmarks:

  • Approximately 1 minute away from the Rawat-Chakbeli Road
  • Just around 10 minute’s drive from GT Road Rawalpindi
  • Approximately 14 minutes away from Kalar Syedan Road
  • Approximately 16 minutes away from the Islamabad Expressway
  • Approximately 15 minutes distance from Kahuta Road
  • Islamabad International Airport is Almost 51 minutes away

Nearby Landmarks:

Why Invest in Countryside Farms?

Investing in the Countryside Farms is a wise decision for a plethora of reasons. First of all, the project site is in a prime location that is convenient to a wide range of people since it is not too distant from nor too near to the heart of the city. The community is in a great location, away from the hustle and bustle of the city but close to many well-known monuments. Countryside Farms is conveniently located near major thoroughfares, so its occupants need not worry about getting about town whether they are coming or leaving from Rawalpindi or Islamabad. Also, it’s a great example of a local farming society. They are providing not just a luxurious environment but also one that is in harmony with nature. As a result, it’s ideal for constructing a farmhouse and living a carefree life.

In addition, this is an unprecedented undertaking that provides the foundation for a flourishing society. Outstanding job by skilled and experienced designers and developers who have established an excellent master plan. Because of this, the farmhouse project is poised to become a popular investment option. Countryside Farms is the safest place to invest money if you’re looking for a solid return on your money. It is widely expected that once ownership begins, prices will rise rapidly. Furthermore, the society will be the only one in the city to provide high-end amenities in a rural location.

Moreover, it offers many advantages, including low costs, cutting-edge infrastructure design, and a healthy environment. It’s in a great location, and large lots are available from reputable builders. The combination of these factors sets Countryside Farms apart from other similar societies.

Payment Plan

Compared to other farmhouse developments in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, the pricing of farms at Countryside Farms is fairly reasonable. Moreover, the society offers unprecedented facilities at such an affordable price to potential residents. The management has only issued the residential farmhouse payment plan at this time.

Countryside Farms NOC

A No Objection Certificate is a legal document essential for the fulfillment of a range of responsibilities. Moreover, the developers have a solid reputation in the real estate industry. Countryside Farms’ No Objection Certificate is presently being processed by the relevant development authorities (Rawalpindi Development Authority). The organization is now undergoing legal procedures and has received its PP-I, indicating that it will be authorized shortly.

Master Plan of Countryside Farms

The master plan for Countryside Farms is intended to provide supreme comfort, primary and sophisticated facilities, as well as a mix of residential and commercial sectors. Overall, society is separated into several blocks, and each block has its distinctive characteristic. In addition, the blocks comprise plots of varying sizes with property designated for amenities such as mosques, parks, and open spaces. In addition, specific areas are reserved for creating a bird aviary, a lake and fishing spots, an independent living complex, and many other amenities.

Blocks in Countryside Farms

Countryside Farms is split into the following residential blocks:


The Royal Block of Countryside Farms is golf and nature enthusiasts’ dream. In addition to farmhouse dwellings, this property offers a private and international golf course. It is developed particularly to redefine the concept of golf excellence.

2. Venus Block:

In addition to varying sizes of farmhouse cuttings, the Venus block has an extensive lake. This lake will serve as a tourist attraction and picnic area where families and people may admire the sparkling water. Furthermore, fishing addicts and enthusiasts will enjoy fishing in an artificial lake.

3. Amazon Block:

Amazon is a block with vast flora, animals, and a safari experience. This block will have a massive riding club. Residents will be able to enjoy an exciting lifestyle with a spice of stimulating events.

4. Winchester Block:

Winchester Block provides outstanding living in addition to a variety of outdoor activities. Diverse sports are offered to adults and children, with archery being the most prominent. The residents will take pleasure in a revitalizing lifestyle that offers a wide variety of recreation opportunities.

5. Polo block:

The polo field, which is fully stocked with modern amenities and serves as the location for the game, is the unique selling point of this section of the building. With a dedicated polo field that will hold games throughout the year, residents of this building will enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.

Countryside Farms Plot Sizes:

The following land sizes are readily available for the development of farmhouses:

1. Residential Plots

  • 4 Kanal
  • 5 Kanal
  • 10 Kanal

2. Residential Tower

Countryside Farms provides farmhouses, low-cost residential towers, and 5 Kanal flats in addition to delivering farmhouses. The occupants of residential towers are able to participate in society’s splendid activities and amenities.

3. Commercial Plots

The administration of the Countryside Farms venture has announced the availability of commercial plots. As stated by the society’s authorities, they have released the commercial plots since no housing development is complete without a business sector.

4. Royal Business Club

One of the most notable and luxurious aspects of Countryside Farms is the availability of business clubs, which cover a total area of 350 Kanal. It offers the highest-quality amenities available in any of the two cities. You may also get a membership that is valid for a year or for life in order to take advantage of the most incredible deals. This group is committed to enhancing your way of life while maintaining reasonable dues and fees. The Royal Club will provide its members with the best services possible for a yearly or permanent subscription.

5. A Healthy Environment

Farmhouses are the epitome of rural luxury. This consideration is at the forefront of the design process for the new farms built in the countryside. To meet this need, this civilization’s rural areas will have plenty of trees, plants, and other forms of greenery. Also, both the regions around farms and the city as a whole will be primarily green. This will lead to the development of a natural setting free of pollution for citizens to enjoy. The occupants of Countryside farmhouses will benefit from and contribute to the environment by breathing in fresh, clean air.

6. Superior Convenience & Accessibility

The majority of farmhouse communities are being built outside of major population centers. In contrast, this is not the case with the farmhouses in the countryside. The community is located distant from the distractions of a metropolis; however, it is still close to Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Although all of life’s requirements are available in society, there are occasions when getting out is necessary for whatever reason. Countryside Farms, in this example, is close to various sites of interest and business districts. Additionally, the twin cities’ diverse neighbourhoods make engaging with the local community easy.

7. Unrivaled Amenities

In today’s modern farmhouses in the country, residents may enjoy a maintenance-free, fun-filled, and stress-free lifestyle with all the modern conveniences they could ever want. In this quiet community, people may relax and enjoy their lives. In addition, the society will function as a self-contained community, meeting the requirements of its members in a single location. You will have a fun, and exciting life since each building has several entertainment venues.

8. Diversity of Facilities in every Block

Countryside Farms is a gated community that offers a refined way of life to its residents in a variety of distinctive neighbourhoods. The Royal Block, for instance, has a golf course of international caliber that will appeal to golf enthusiasts while also enhancing the neighbourhood’s visual appeal. In a similar vein, Venus Block has a lake that serves as both a scenic lookout and a fishing pond. The lively polo area at Polo Block will play home games and encourage occasional polo play among residents. The Winchester building features a dedicated archery range, while the Amazon tower contains more trees, a zoo, and safari attractions.

On the other hand, the club encourages its members to participate in the following activities:

  • Golf Course
  • Shooting
  • Horse riding
  • Bowling
  • Swimming pool
  • Table tennis
  • Badminton court
  • 3D gaming zone
  • Restaurant
  • Tea and coffee bar
  • Snooker Area
  • Car racing area
  • Gymnasium
  • Squash
  • Tennis
  • Basketball

Development Status

A ceremony to mark the beginning of the construction of Countryside Farms was held during the first week of March 2022. Earthworks and other forms of preliminary development are already underway. Following the end of the earthmoving phase, infrastructure construction may begin. The property that makes up Countryside Farms is spread out over 3500 Kanal of scenic countryside. Approximately 500 Kanal of land are now being developed and will be available for ownership within a few months.

The construction work in Countryside Farms is proceeding at a tremendous speed, and the bulk of the blocks in the neighborhood are seeing their development end. The month of January 2023 marks the beginning of the possession of Winchester Block. Furthermore, the horse club will open its doors to members in November 2022.

Here are some recent images showing the progress being made at Countryside Farms:

Upcoming Development

The new construction at Countryside Farms will soon be officially opened. More information about these updated blocks is provided below.

Countryside Residencia

This is a brand-new development in the Countryside Farms area that has easy access off GT Road. Later on, a connection will be made between the Countryside Residencia and the Countryside Farms. Plot sizes range from 5 to 10 Kanal, making it a good option for those on a budget.

Awami Villas

It’s a category for those with little financial means or who are just starting off. In addition, there are spacious 3.5 Marla villas available in both single and double-story designs.

Basic Amenities and Facilities

Facilities and Conveniences available in these farmhouse ventures:

Countryside Farms are famous for their excellent level of life. The developers improved the quality of life by providing the inhabitants with all the amenities they could want. Modern conveniences may also be found in Lahore Smart City.

The Farms housing gives its residents the following benefits:

Salient Utilities

The residential complex ensures its residents always have access to essential services, including water, gas, and electricity. The occupants will never have to deal with a lack of electricity or water. If there is a power outage, there are electrical backups and power generators to keep the lights on.

Nature Elegance:

Everybody knows that people like being in nature. Green spaces, parks, gardens, water features, and native flora and animals abound throughout the community. Living in this community gives residents unique opportunities to appreciate life in the great outdoors.

Recreational Facility:

A community center assists people with their social needs. Community center is available for parties and other activities at this housing complex. Residents can gather in comfort and safety to spend time with friends and family.

Jamia Mosques:

There is a Jamia Mosque and many smaller mosques in the community, all of are alluring for frequent prayers. They provide a tranquil space where citizens can go about their daily religious rituals.

Dining Establishments and Food Courts:

The housing estate administration has thoughtfully designed several communal dining areas around the complex to meet the dietary needs of its occupants. These restaurants prioritize customer health and safety while serving delectable meals from a variety of national and international cuisines. In addition, the region has many popular restaurants.

Recreational Parks:

The housing complex has large parks and playgrounds for the tenants to utilize. Adults and children alike use Main Park for daily exercise and recreation.

Shopping Malls:

Within the community, people may visit convenience shops and mini-markets to stock up on necessities. This residential complex is near major retailers. These shopping centers provide a serene setting for a day of retail therapy and fun with the kids. The design, facilities, premium goods, and entertainment options at these shopping centers are second to none.

Sewage and Wastewater Treatment:

The whole housing complex has functioning sewage and drainage systems. Each home has its own set of central holes and drains connected to an underground duct system so that water and waste may flow freely.

Protective and Tidy Community:

Protection for the community’s citizens is available around the clock. The facility also has surveillance cameras. The guards of the gated community often conduct patrols to ensure the safety of the inhabitants. Trash cans and recycling bins are conveniently located around the community, and there is an organized system for discards similar to the Capital Smart City waste management classification. Because of the trees and other plants, the air quality in the housing development is high and pleasant.

Recreational Centre Exercise Equipment

The complex has a fitness center for residents serious about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There are a variety of exercise machines, designated areas for yoga, and a swimming pool in the fitness center.

3D Cineplex

The builders of the complex recognized the need to cater to residents’ entertainment needs, so they included a sizable 3D theatre in the plan. In this little theatre, inhabitants may see the newest releases.

Unique Features of Countryside Farms

Certain cutting-edge conveniences are available at Countryside Farms that you won’t find in any other community.

Malik Zahoor The Grand Mosque

The Malik Zahoor Mosque is a magnificent example of Islamic architecture, which is available to the residents of Countryside Farms. The inside is as impressive as it reflects the harmonious fusion of Islamic and Mughal architectural styles. Not only that, but the mosque can hold almost 80,000 worshippers. Plus, it’s got central air conditioning and provides an extraordinary spiritual experience.

Central Library

A Central Library with about 50,000 Books is also available to club members. It also has a mosque and Islamic center for worship and education.

The Organic Marketplace

The amenities of Countryside Farms are pretty remarkable. Farm-raised meat, vegetables, fruits, milk, and eggs are some of the organic goods that may be purchased at the community’s organic markets. As a result, not only would people have access to healthy organic foods, but locals might also make some serious money.

Artificial Lake

In Countryside Farms, we are first introduced to artificial lakes. An abundance of fish species would be found in this pristine lake. You may make use of the lake’s healthful water features. In addition, you may enjoy the pleasure of your life by strolling around the lake.

Independent Living Centre

There is a facility for disabled persons who want to live independently. Countryside Farms will be the first community designed to meet the needs of persons with physical disabilities. As a result of this initiative, persons with disabilities will have access to state-of-the-art aids that will allow them to participate fully in society. A greater sense of agency for those with disabilities would result from this.

Birds Aviary

Countryside Farms not only introduces new ideas but also offers an aviary where visitors may listen to the lilting songs of exotic birds. Additionally, it can improve your free time and bring you closer to nature. Birds from all over the world will flock to the aviary, enhancing the space’s natural beauty.

Open Gym

For the health and fitness of the people who call Countryside Farms home, a sizable space has been set aside as an open gym. The state-of-the-art fitness center will have convenient amenities for the inhabitants.

Archery Area

When you visit Countryside Farms, you may take advantage of the vast space for archery, shooting, and other outdoor pursuits. Furthermore, there is no better location for those who want to spend their free time outside.

Safari Zoo

Through a Memorandum of Understanding signed with a South African firm, Safari Zoo was given 100 Kanal of land. It would be an incredible opportunity to see wild creatures roaming free in their natural habitat.

Water Park

With the help of a Turkish firm, Countryside Farms is promoting the idea of water parks. The park’s water-themed attractions include swimming pools, water slides, and playgrounds, including lazy rivers where visitors may relax, bathe, as well as swim in tranquility.

Social hub

The organization provides a large community center where locals may go for a variety of reasons, including group activities, social assistance, and access to public information. Moreover, it’s always been meticulously decorated and well-kept.You can also book residential and commercial plots in other projects such as Blue World City, Kingdom Valley Islamabad, and Nova City Islamabad.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
Countryside Farms is a residential area in the Capital of Pakistan that has farmsteads on lots of varying sizes. This ground-breaking endeavor includes both standard and high-tech conveniences.

In comparison to other farmhouse renovations, this one stands out for its many novel details. It has its own lake, polo field, archery range, and riding club, among other things. The contemporary conveniences found at Countryside Farms are another plus.

  1. Two passport size Photos,
  2. Your CNIC copy,
  3. Copy of the CNIC of your next kin,
  4. Management approves cash payments,
  5. Submit entirely required documents, do the payment, and afterward obtain a receipt.

Countryside Farms is easily accessible from the following locations in the Twin Cities:

  • 30 minutes from Bahria Town
  • 19 minutes from Giga Mall
  • 33 minutes from Gulberg Greens
  • 29 minutes from Rawat T-Chowk
  • 23 minutes from DHA 3
  • 5 minutes from Rawalpindi Ring Road
  • 40 minutes Islamabad International Airport
  • 30 minutes from Zero Point Islamabad
  • 20 minutes from the Institute of Space Technology
Countryside Farms is on Bassali Road off Rawalpindi’s Chakbeli Road. As well as Rawat is about 7 kilometers away.

The society’s groundbreaking ceremony took place in March of 2022, and construction has been ongoing since then. See the section under “Development Standing” for the current social status.

  • Currently, the only available lots in Countryside Farms are residential farmhouse sizes:
    • 4 Kanal
    • 5 Kanal
    • 10 Kanal
Yes, the organization sells plots; booking & confirmation fees are necessary. The balance is due monthly or quarterly. To learn more about our payment options, please visit our payment page.

The majority of professionals agree that Countryside Farms is the premier investment option in the Twin Cities right now.

Yes, Countryside Farms will add a late payment fee to the cost of your reservation. In the booking form, you may read the full terms and conditions.

SIM Premier Development Private Limited, Zee Brothers Private Limited, and ZeeDes Designs working together to build Countryside Farms.

The relevant development authority will issue the NOC for Countryside Farms Islamabad shortly.


The developer intends to maintain ample green spaces and green belts along the roads to promote environmental sustainability and public health. Countryside Farms has an interesting design, property features, development plan, location, and access. A farmhouse is undeniably an excellent choice for any investor. Moreover, the lavish community of Countryside Farms Islamabad is now under construction, with the expectation that it would provide its future inhabitants with a superior standard of living, an abundance of high-end amenities, and an idyllic setting far from the noise and congestion of the city. Moreover, society is a haven, combining the splendor of nature with the assurance of a secure community. The developers and owners of this project want to ensure it caters to everyone. As a bonus, it has the lowest prices and the best ROI potential.

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