Real Estate Investing is not an unfamiliar word. Investment in property, particularly in Pakistan, is always considered as the most secure way of saving. Its common trend from decades. Real Estate market of Pakistan considered as the most favorable option to earn more. Moreover, it always results in lucrative opportunity for investors. Real Estate Investing Trend in 2020 also expected much higher than previous year.

Let’s have a quick overview on of the property market in previous year.

Real Estate Market in 2019

Pakistan Real Estate Market in 2019 is comparatively considered dump throughout the year. It has been chaotic as well as unreliable year in this regard. Several aspects played in this regard. Some of the salient factors included

  • New Property Tax Amendments

Current government of Pakistan aims to curb the non-tax payers. For that reason, it has bought various amendments in this regard. However, it creates uncertain situation in this market. Thus, Real Estate Market faces dip.

  • Amnesty Scheme

Amnesty Scheme was quite new scheme introduced in Pakistan. This scheme gave chance for non-filers to whiten or legalize their assets.

  • Bahria Town Karachi Case

Bahria Town Karachi land issue further loses the confidence of investors. Ultimately, it causes the investors to put out their money from this business.

  • Unstable Political Conditions

Throughout the year, country faces political conditions in unrest manner. Economy of Pakistan further got damaged due to this fact.

Real Estate Market in 2020

Since government has initiated several schemes to remove the backlog of residency. Still there are large portion amidst the population is homeless. In this condition, many private developers started their ventures. The emergence of any housing society overall effects the economic stability of country.

In fact, modern real estate ventures started in Pakistan. For instance, Capital Smart City is the state of the art residential project. Its first Smart City of Pakistan. Capital Smart City is featuring advance level amenities and facilities. Moreover, other several housing societies built here that offer global standard amenities. Some these includes Gulberg Greens, Eighteen and Top City-1.

In addition, Bahria Town Peshawar is another mega project. It will outshine in Real Estate precinct. In a nut shell, the future of Real estate investing in 2020 is quite bright. However, the timing and place of investment matters a lot.

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