Islamabad: Samar Khan First-Ever Pakistani Biker Reach K-2 Base Camp on Cycle. Samar Khan is the First-Ever Pakistani Biker that is a Female cyclist who reaches the K-2 Base Camp on a bicycle. Samar Khan Announced on the Social Media platform that she has finally made it to K-2 base Camp after a very struggling journey.
She Captioned her Photo on Instagram saying “Doorway to Choghori.” She struggled all night while traveling for K-2. Samar got several bruises on her way to the base camp. She further stated that she had fallen short of oxygen all night but still kept traveling. In the end, the most soothing and majestic views of K-2 were in front of her when the sun arose. The Pride of K-2 is a sensation that makes you forget about all the injuries and hardships you face while traveling.
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