Real Estate is an industry where there are several way to get success for aspiring entrepreneurs. Rich individuals around the world have made their fortune in Real Estate Investment. Among many others, it offers real quick and fast profits. Moreover, it helps to establish lucrative careers. However becoming Entrepreneurs is not possible over a night, especially for Pakistani Real Estate Entrepreneurs. It completely differs from conventional investments and Entrepreneurship.

Today, we will discuss top 5 Pakistani Real Estate Entrepreneurs. We jolt down those individuals who actually modernize the real estate industry. The name of top 5 Pakistani Real Estate Entrepreneurs are enlisted below

  1. Malik Riaz
  2. Zeeshan Khan
  3. Shafiq Akbar
  4. Adeel Riaz
  5. Farhat Bashir

Malik Riaz

Malik Riaz, the name itself, is known as brand now. He is business Tycoon. Malik Riaz is a chairman of Bahria Town which is the largest Real Estate development company in whole Asia. Malik Riaz is 1st Pakistani Real Estate Entrepreneurs in our list.

Malik Riaz has a quite struggling life. In his early career, he worked as clerk with a construction company. Sooner or later, he build his business empire. Malik Riaz emerged as top-ranked Pakistani Real Estate Entrepreneurs. He actually built business from zero. For now, according to rough estimate, his asset valued more than US$800.

Housing societies under Bahria Town offers global standard of amenities. In addition, they occupies large area. These societies are spread over whole Pakistan mainly Bahria Town Islamabad, Bahria Town Lahore, Bahria Town Karachi, and Bahria Town Peshawar. Moreover, Bahria Town Karachi is the biggest residential project in whole Asia. It is a city within a city.

On the other, it is surrounded in certain controversies and frauds right now. But ultimately, it doesn’t hurt the confidence of investors on Bahria Town to any extent.

Zeeshan Ali Khan

Zeeshan Ali Khan is the 2nd Real Estate Entrepreneurs in our list. He is the Co-Founder of Presently, this property portal is the prime entity of Pakistani’ Real Estate market.  Moreover, Zeeshan Ali Khan has the prestige of establishing first real estate website of Pakistan.

Zeeshan Ali Khan graduated from Imperial College London. He founded in 2006. Moreover, he also establish similar business in UAE also namely In Pakistan, He actually started the trend of Property Shows and Expo. In fact, they also organize Real Estate Exhibitions internationally as well. Thus, it plays huge role in altering the Pakistani Real Estate perception around the globe.

Shafiq Akbar

Shafiq Akbar is the Chief Executive Officer of In list of Pakistani Real Estate Entrepreneurs, it occupies 3rd place. He has an aim to “Chang the Real estate sector of Pakistan”. In Pakistan, he graduates from Pakistan Military Academy (PMA). Shafiq Akbar started his journey from Hyundai Engineering. Then he went to United Kingdom (UK) in 2001.

At UK, he worked as a successful financial advisor. In particular, he handled almost 55 projects there because of its sterling reputation there. In the limited time span of 14 years, he established several brands in competitive market of UK. He envisaged to provide one-stop solutions. In entrepreneurial arena, the brands established by Mr. Shafiq Akbar includes

  • Homzz Construction Ltd
  • Homzz Investments
  • Hotspots Rental Management
  • Steptons Estate Agents

Moreover, after coming to Pakistan in June, 2016, he actually replicated one-stop solution model. Presently, he is heading conglomerate of many companies including

  2. Agency 21
  3. Brando
  4. Imaarat
  5. Iqbal Institute of Policy Studies

Presently, it is working to provide maximum ease by establishing property portal. Buy, sell, rent, invest or develop is now more easy. Moreover, Mr. Shafiq Akbar also worked to change the landscape of Real Estate development. Some of the remarkable projects includes Mall of Arabia, Builders Mall, Florence Galleria, Amazon Mall and many others.

Adeel Riaz

Adeel Riaz is comparatively new Pakistani Real Estate Entrepreneurs. He started his journey in 2014, particularly, in Real Estate. He is founder of Royal Business Solutions.

In a limited time span of 6 years, he has made his company eligible to work with top name of Real Estate Development, Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Limited. Three chained projects namely Royal Orchard Multan, Royal Orchard Sahiwal and Royal Orchard Sargodha solely handled in term of marketing and sales by Royal Business Solutions.

Moreover, his firm also serves as Platinum Sales Partner of Capital Smart City, first smart city of Pakistan. Other than these, he is very sport loving person. Adeel Riaz is supporting Freestyle Football in Twin cities. Also, several Cricket Tournaments events are organized as well.

Adeel Riaz works on the concept of “Digitalization of Real Estate Industry of Pakistan”. Currently, it has offices all around the world. Moreover, it also started its own project namely Mall of Gujar Khan.

Farhat Bashir

Farhat Bashir is owner of Like Adeel Riaz, she is also new in industry as compared to others. Her work is unique and innovative solution in Real Estate market of Pakistan, Latest Technology is used to bring out ease for the Real estate Investors. She brought Geo Spatial Solutions to individuals. Farhat Bashir is an inspiring Real Estate Entrepreneurs.

She started her business in 2016. Using cutting edge technology, she successfully integrated Real Estate Projects Master Plan on google map. With this innovative technology, you can access your plot remotely any time with accurate positioning.

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