Real Estate in Pakistan is not just a deal of buying and selling property. It is not limited to double your money through wise-investment. In fact, you need to keep yourself updated regarding real estate latest trends and events. This industry is flourishing at radical speed.

In modernize era, digital presence is much crucial particularly for Real Estate business. As an investor, you need to have first-hand knowledge about real estate happenings including construction, and properties. One of the best platform to stay updated about real estate world is YouTube. It not only keeps you well-informed about the newest market trends but also gives you tips and tricks to avail maximum opportunities to flourish your business.

Today we have listed major Real Estate Youtube Channels of 2020 that are Pakistan-based.

  2. RBS Real Estate & Builders
  3. Property Nama
  4. RedBox
  6. is the biggest property portal in Pakistan. With over 350,000 new listings each month it has over 5 million monthly users. It has changes the façade of online property dealing. It has introduced the trend of using modern technology in Real Estate Industry.

Talking about YouTube channel, it has maintained 365K subscribers that’s a lot for any Real Estate Youtube channel in Pakistan. It has more than 105 Playlists. Each playlist contain video regarding different projects in all over Pakistan.

RBS Real Estate & Builders

RBS Real Estate & Builders is the most active Real Estate YouTube channel now a days. It is working under Royal Business Solutions (Pvt) Limited. RBS is one of Pakistan’s leading real estate corporations now. It has earned prestigious reputation in a very short time frame.

With an aim to modernize the Real Estate Industry of Pakistan, RBS Real Estate & Builders is playing its role on YouTube. Since, Royal Business Solutions is Platinum Sales Partner of Capital Smart City islamabad. Thus, it is exclusively marketing Capital Smart City on YouTube and other platforms. It is the only way to get exclusive information about Smart City of Pakistan.


Property Naama

Property Naama is pioneer of using YouTube for Real Estate purpose. It provides high-quality property management services. The narrator of Property Naama do not use any fancy words. But it used layman language to inform the investors regarding different Real Estate projects.

Moreover, he also update the viewers about the recent trend and happenings in this industry. If your are looking for authentic news in most traditional style then Property Naama is what you should subscribe.

Redbox TV is actually Real Estate centered YouTube channel. It is the sister company of Redbox that is famous real estate marketing and selling platform in Pakistan. This YouTube channel evolved to tremendous height in short time period of 2 years. It has 136K subscribers right now.

By watching the videos on Redbox TV, you can stay updated about the recent market trends and news. It has whole news setup just like Electronic Media. There are plenty of hosts and newscasters to disseminate the information. Meanwhile, Research department is very active. In-depth data is researched for every video uploaded. It has different segments depending upon the nature of news. is the first ever investment portal of Pakistan. As the name suggests, it offers most authentic and unbiased information regarding the Real Estate projects of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

In YouTube channel of, you can find honest reviews regarding different ventures. It will allow you to have virtual tours of Real Estate projects. Instead of just playing with words, it shows the actual work progress. steps forward to digitalize the Real Estate Industry of Pakistan. It is one of the firm that uses the digital platform on full extent. It has 1.57K subscribers right now. In YouTube channel of, you can find plenty of videos regarding the different Property Expos, Events, and Projects and for sale or rent properties.

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