Trivelles International, UK-based firm, is launching Trivelles Smart Villas in Capital Smart City of Pakistan. Trivelles Smart Villas based on the concept of Home-Automation. It will allow you to control you appliances, doors, locks and much more through your cell phone.

Smart Homes is a common concept worldwide. However it is introduced for the first time in Pakistan. These tech-villas incorporates smart technology at full head of steam to ensure automation. Present, in the Lake Boulevard of Overseas District, it is master piece of Urban Development and Planning.

Salient Features of Trivelles Smart Villas

These smart homes are present in 2 categories i.e. 5 Marla and 10 Marla. You may find the various layout on the basis of number of bedrooms. It includes

  • Abbey Villas
  • Strand Villas
  • Harley Villas
  • Regent Villas

These epitome of luxury has smart features that never seen or imagined before. From Gas Sensors to Humidity Sensor, Lock automation to Intruder warnings, it is offers exceptionality in Master Plan. Along with that, the developers offering key holding, driver and maid services, and airport pick and drop and community level management as well.

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