Your home is your safest and coziest place to live in. This residence can turn into serene mansion with touch of few amenities. Even if you decided to sell it out, these added amenities will further increase home value. As property experts considers amenities to greater extent when it comes to appraise home value.  Whenever buyers decided to buy a new house, they are looking for some luxurious and chic living style. They want something more upgraded and contemporary. Thus, in this regard, added top notch features and niceties will serve to maximum level.

Without further ado, let’s discuss few key areas that you should focus on to increase Home Value

  1. Ample and Huge Windows
  2. Marble and Quartz Features
  3. High Quality Paints
  4. Lush Lawns
  5. Fancy Ceiling with LED Lights
  6. Solar Panels
  7. Smart Security through CCTV
  8. Room Closest
  9. Fire Places
  10. Bath tubs and Jacuzzi

Ample and Huge Windows

Majority of the people want to live in well ventilated house. Plenty of natural light is usually preferred by home-buyers. Thus, in this regard, large windows serve the purpose very well. Floor to ceiling windows gives extravagant aura to the whole house.

Huge windows are considered more favorable if your house is located at an incredible location. For instance, in Gulberg Greens, the large windows will give maximum advantage as it will offer lush green landscape.

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Marble and Quartz Features

These marble or quartz feature is in huge demand these days. Usually they are mounted on kitchen counter tops, on living or lounge walls and on floors as well. It gives contemporary and advance touch to interior of the house. These serve a home-cosmetic.

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High Quality Paints

Buyers took first impression about the home from the condition of walls. Spending some extra pennies on fancy paint is good decision. It keeps your home looking at its best.

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Lush Lawns

Don’t you prefer the breeze of fresh air mixed with flower fragrance filled your room every morning? What about the heavenly views of lush greenery from your room windows?

Big lush lawns never gets outdated. It overall increase the curb appeal and facilitate potential buyer to make decision at first sight. The well-tended lawn increases to home-value about 50% to 60% as compared to other features.

Fancy Ceiling with LED Lights

It gives a whole new class with sophisticated look. Ceilings is the most after aspect in todays’ Real Estate Sector of Pakistan. These ceilings are present in plenty of designs including

  • Coffered Ceiling
  • Tray Ceiling
  • Cathedral Ceiling
  • Painted Ceiling
  • Beam Ceiling and many more

Moreover, you can add much more to it by playing with LED lights. It gives one of the best aesthetic look to the space while also energy-efficient.

Solar Panels

In Pakistan, electricity shortage is one of the main issue. Thus, homes with solar panels will serve as blessing for residents. You are no longer dependent upon local supply. Thus, buyers definitely gives you plenty of extra amount for this stroke of luck. Moreover, home value also elevates depending upon the number and quality of the installed solar PV panels.

Smart Security through CCTV

People who moved to new place are often suspicious about the surrounding. It is a great deal for them to consider how safe they feel in their homes. For them, security is top on the checklist. Especially those with children wants maximum security for their family. Thus, most of the families wants home with advance security system.

Thus, CCTV setup inside and outside of the house will increase the worth overall. Just like Solar panels, the home value increase related to number of cameras being installed.

Room Closest

In today’s world, the trend for Almirah is getting faded. The closet is what people really want. It overall creates the illusion of space while also carries a huge messy clutter as well. Moreover, fancy closet whose doors are fully covered with mirrors are new thing.

Thus, closet becomes one of the biggest positive attribute of your homes that adds to its value.


Although there is no more need of woods and fire to heat up your place. But still vintage fireplace gives a charm and charismatic look to your living space. Apart from using it for decorative purpose, it actually adds up to 12% additional to home worth.

Bath tubs and Jacuzzi

Western world is moving towards Walk-in Showers while in Pakistan people consider tubs and Jacuzzi as symbol of luxury. However, there is certain group of people that can afford this luxury. But it adds a great percentage in overall home value.

In a nutshell, more high-end amenities you add, more it will increases your home value. Usually good offers take time thus be patient. For pro-tips about home value and Real Estate, do subscribe Land Guider and keep visiting us.

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