Zeta 1 Latest Updates

Zeta 1 is one of the most secure and safe options for investment because of various factors.   This blog deals with Zeta 1 latest updates. It is located on the main Grand Trunk (GT) Road. It features all the things one dreams of in a place. Plus, Zeta 1 is a mixed venture project that comprises commercial and residential units.

Zeta 1 Floor Plan:

Zeta 1 as a whole comprises 11 floors. These floors are further divided into residential units, commercial units, and food courts. Two and a half floors are dedicated to the car parking separately for the commercial sector and residents. Furthermore, lower ground, upper ground, first, second, and third floors are dedicated to commercial shops.

The Third Floor of Zeta 1 is for food courts and a kids’ play area. Whereas, fourth floor, fifth floor, sixth floor, and seventh floor are for luxury apartments. Within these apartments, two-bedroom apartments and three-bedroom apartments are available. As a whole, there are 350 shops available in number and 120 apartments are there.


Zeta 1 enjoys a premium location. It is located right opposite the Giga Mall on GT (Grand Trunk) Road. Furthermore, this project is located inside Ziraj Housing Society facing GT road.


The developers of Zeta 1 are Ziraj Builders Group (ZBG). They have delivered Ziraj Housing Society which is a sound society with great standards. Also, this society is fully complete with ready-to-move-in houses. This shows the credibility and trustworthiness of the developers. Moreover, SG Architects are looking after all the architectural stuff of Zeta 1.


This project offers many great amenities that one can dream of. Plus, it comprises facilities that one aims to get in life. Following are some of its facilities:

  • Located on Grand Trunk Road
  • Uninterrupted electricity supply
  • Separate elevators for residential and commercial use
  • Separate cargo elevators
  • Gym
  • Bank
  • Spa and Saloon
  • 24/7 security and surveillance
  • Earth Quake resistant building

This project offers a one-stop solution for all the things that one may need. Moreover, to avoid interruption in the privacy of the residents, there will separate entrances for apartments and residential apartments.

Zeta 1 Latest Updates:

As far as the latest updates of Zeta 1 is concerned, the construction of the lower ground and ground floor was going on at a high pace. Both floors are cemented and construction is going on on the first floor. The developers give 3 years for its completion, but its pace shows that they will probably deliver the project before time.


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