NRTC announces 30 electric buses will operate on Islamabad roads in June

NRTC announces 30 electric buses

According to the latest news reports, the National Radio and Telecommunication Corporation (NRTC) has responded to the CDA request by beginning the production of 30 electric buses for travel within the city. Moreover, the CDA will initiate the bus consulting tender process on October 12. The news ‘NRTC announces 30 electric buses will operate on Islamabad roads in June’ is a good initiative.

Further, the sources have indicated that the NRTC has informed the CDA of the start of electric bus production, with the first batch expected to arrive in Islamabad by the end of December.

Islamabad to receive electric buses with top-notch amenities, serving up to 100,000 passengers

Also, the relevant department will make space for bus charging stations. Moreover, the drivers will receive training for about two weeks on the arrival of the first batch of buses. Following training, the buses will be permitted to travel through Islamabad in the first week of June. The e-buses will offer top-notch transport amenities to 100,000 passengers.

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Electric buses to serve as feeder transport for six public transportation lines in Islamabad

According to the CDA officials, the electric buses’ first phase of the operation will involve two routes that connect Taramri Chowk and IJP Road with the Central Metro Bus System for greater ease of travel. Further, these feeder e-buses will serve six separate public transportation lines.

NRTC to deliver 140 electric buses to Islamabad in June and July

The NRTC has scheduled the delivery of the second and third batches, consisting of 70 bus each, to the CDA in June and July.

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