KDA is committed to addressing land-grabbing issues

Karachi Development Authority is committed to addressing land-grabbing issues

KARACHI: Karachi Development Authority KDA commits to addressing land-grabbing issues.

A news source claimed on March 24 that Syed Mohammad Ali Shah, the director general of the Karachi Development Authority (KDA), has stated his intention to deal with the land-grabbing problems that are endangering the city’s urban development.

The news source claimed that KDA has decided to take action against the violators and land grabbers. Due to rising incidences of land snatching and unlawful encroachments of highways. Also parks, streets, and open areas next to railway tracks. Likewise, the unscrupulous elements cooperate with the regulatory officials to set up structures that contradict the city’s master plan.

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According to reports, the authorities said that immediate action requires stemming the rising number of land-grabbing incidents. This action, according to a KDA spokesperson, will enhance the city’s aesthetics. It also advances sustainable urban development.

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